I finally got to update my page a bit. There are a few Wallpapers available for download in different resolutions at Pictures->Wallpaper. I hope that I’ll be able to upload some more soon!

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So, after messing up my exam today I decided to sort and upload all the pictures I have taken the last few weeks.

First of all the last match of the Cologne sharks (Kölner Haie) in this year’s ice-hockey season. It was also the last match of Dave Mcllwain since he ended his career.

Then spring broke out in Germany and I decided to have a little practice with my camera:

And last but not least, I got a Konata figure from a friend of mine. Well why not make a photo-shoot right away? *G*

Thats all for now, I hope you enjoyed them.
I guess since I’ll be busy with exam and Japan-preparations the next two weeks you will have to wait until mid-april for new Updates. At least I hope that I’ll have an internet connection in my dorm room until then. If not, it might take until Mai that I can post the first pictures from Japan.


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