Now I’m completely “Japanized”. Staying in the Internet Cafe in Sendai for the night…. quite luxurious though …and I hope not toooo expensive…. ;D




hm yeah… that hasn’t gone well. Lost my cellphone somewhere in between the Internet-cafe room and Furukawa…

Chances are tending to null that I’ll get it back 🙁

The Internet room though was fine in order to get some sleep when you miss the last train home. It’s about 1500yen (12Euro) for 6h, but you can’t compare it to any Internet-cafe in Europe. It’s more like a sleeping chair with a computer and television in front of you.

The problem is though that many others use those places in order to get some sleep, so you have to be lucky to get a room. (or unlucky that you have to stay in such a place :D)

So who’s using my cellphone now… grrrr

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Hi there!

Time is definitely passing to fast here 🙂 Since my last post already 2 1/2 weeks passed and today it’s exactly 4 weeks that I’m in Japan.

After my last post, we went to Hanami viewing in Sendai on April 18th. Hanami viewing is not just about viewing… it’s more like picnicking below a cherry tree although most of the stuff you are consuming is beer 🙂 Sendai is the biggest city near to Furukawa and accommodates about 1,2 million people.  The park we went to is called the Tsutsujigaoka Park and is famous for Hanami viewing in Sendai. The Park was pretty crowded but that’s what Hanami viewing is all about 🙂

On the next day… yeah you heard right… after 4 hours of sleep I had Hanami viewing together with the people of the division I’m completing my internship in. Gladly it turned out that it was just barbecueing this time 🙂  I love yaki-niku sauce  😛

So that’s it for now, but as soon as I fixed my Photoshop I’ll make sure to upload the other photos I made until now.  Osakura is over now, so no more Hanami viewing pictures, but there is lot’s of more to see here.


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