One thing I can say now, is that you live is definitely shorter in Japan… One week after another passes and before I realized it half of my internship was over… Since I was quite busy at work and didn’t got to new places that were worth taking pictures I also didn’t have much to present. But since it is the Rainy “Season” now (it’s not really special, only a few days rain until now and all of them not in a row) I took some photos in the rain 🙂

Quite heavy rain though 🙂

You can also see pictures of the typical apartments where most of the younger Japanese live. Its basically one long room but with everything you need, like kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, fridge ….In Furukawa they cost about 300-500 euro per month + expenses for gas and electricity. Over all you should be able to live there for about 500-700 euro. Quite expensive you might say… yes, but it’s still cheap compared to an apartment, and really cheap compared to comparable apartments in Tokyo.

And here a few pictures of my second bike-trip to Naruko. Seems to be a tourist spot, especially in the autumn when all the trees become colorful.

This is about 10km west from Naruko. From there on the hills seem to become quite steep, so going any further might require a 2-day trip 🙂 But since my bike starts to disintegrate now I doubt that it’ll survive my internship or the next long bik-trip 🙂

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uuuaa, this feels like sitting in a sauna. I guess the rainy “season” has begun now (apparently it only lasts about 1 or 2 weeks here). It’s not really warm… just 20deg, but it’s wet outside and the humidity should be around 70 or 75% … I can’t imagine how it will feel like after the rain stops and the temp. rise up to 30 deg.

I’ll gonna die….

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