Hi, I got the page up and running again. I did also add some new features. I’m also going to make some changes to the page concept soon, since I find it difficult to browse through the older pictures. I’m thinking about adding a map-based and a topic-based navigation that should make browsing through the pictures a better experience.
In the mean time I’m feeding you with some pictures from 2010, beginning with the Mazda-Community Meeting in July 2010. For almost 10 years the Mazda-Community, which is the biggest German Internet Community for Mazdas, is holding an annual meeting. All the petrol-heads who drive a Mazda (or drove a Mazda in the past and still has friends within the Community) gather in different locations (since 2008 in Gedern) in order to talk, drink, eat and clean their cars 😉

I also found a few pictures of Japan I took in 2009 and  forgot to post here. I’m going to feed them in soon!

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Hi, I finally had the chance to add some new photos here. What you see here are the first winter impressions of 2010 in Germany. The location is a small town called “Romaney” which is a part of “Bergisch Gladbach” which is about 15km east of Cologne. If you look carefully through the pictures you will also see the skyline of Cologne with the Cologne Cathedral in the distance. I hope I’ll be able to take better pictures when it is less foggy.

see ya…!

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I finally got to update my page a bit. There are a few Wallpapers available for download in different resolutions at Pictures->Wallpaper. I hope that I’ll be able to upload some more soon!

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So, after messing up my exam today I decided to sort and upload all the pictures I have taken the last few weeks.

First of all the last match of the Cologne sharks (Kölner Haie) in this year’s ice-hockey season. It was also the last match of Dave Mcllwain since he ended his career.

Then spring broke out in Germany and I decided to have a little practice with my camera:

And last but not least, I got a Konata figure from a friend of mine. Well why not make a photo-shoot right away? *G*

Thats all for now, I hope you enjoyed them.
I guess since I’ll be busy with exam and Japan-preparations the next two weeks you will have to wait until mid-april for new Updates. At least I hope that I’ll have an internet connection in my dorm room until then. If not, it might take until Mai that I can post the first pictures from Japan.


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