Hi, I got the page up and running again. I did also add some new features. I’m also going to make some changes to the page concept soon, since I find it difficult to browse through the older pictures. I’m thinking about adding a map-based and a topic-based navigation that should make browsing through the pictures a better experience.
In the mean time I’m feeding you with some pictures from 2010, beginning with the Mazda-Community Meeting in July 2010. For almost 10 years the Mazda-Community, which is the biggest German Internet Community for Mazdas, is holding an annual meeting. All the petrol-heads who drive a Mazda (or drove a Mazda in the past and still has friends within the Community) gather in different locations (since 2008 in Gedern) in order to talk, drink, eat and clean their cars 😉

I also found a few pictures of Japan I took in 2009 and  forgot to post here. I’m going to feed them in soon!

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