… Tokyo …

huge city… pretty girls … tooooooooooo many people.

I have to say it… I didn’t like Tokyo…

I  know now that big cities are absolutely nothing for me… but it was worth the experience. As Osaka the night-life and entertainment is incomparable to everything I’ve ever seen… BUT during the day there is not much to see and nowhere to rest. There are just too many people in this city 🙂

If I had to choose between Osaka, Tokyo or Furukawa for living it would definitely be Furukawa…

Well back to Tokyo,

the first day Kumiko and I went to Akihabara and expected loads of Otakus (Anime character-like dressed people…), big street performances of them and many interesting shops…

what we get to see where a few Otakus, electronic stores and way too many people (you couldn’t walk strait for 2 meters). After 3 hours we were pissed and headed back to the Hotel… Akihabara? Nice place if you’re looking for electronic parts, especially used parts and maid cafes… nothing else 🙂

After a night rest we thought Asakusa (the traditional part of Tokyo) might be worth a visit. I was there before at nighttime and it was quite and peaceful… not this day.

Due to Silver-week it was packed with people and yea… you can guess… it took 2 hours and we got pissed again 🙂

Well if it’s not on national holidays I think Asakusa is a nice place to visit.

Finally I wanted to see shibuya since the name is also quite famous. It’s manly a huge shopping district with a few interesting spots…

And now I’ll just stay in this hotel until my flight home…

nothing to see anyway 🙂

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After Nara and Kyoto I gave Osaka (were I stayed) itself a try…

First I went to the temple Sumiyoshi (住吉), but after seeing Nara and Kyoto I was quite disappointed…

well I think I’ve seen enough temples and shrines for now… but nevertheless I took some photos:

Afterwards I went into the city and tried to find why people think Osaka is a great city…

and I couldn’t find it. My image of Osaka is, that it is a typical million people city with huge shopping districts and too many people 🙂

I guess Osaka is great when it comes to night-life and amusement, at least that’s the image I got walking through the city at night, but it somehow lacks something, but I don’t know what. Well I guess I’m not the type that likes big cities…

So, I’m now on my way to Tokyo…

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My second day-trip went to Kyoto. Of course with the same goal as in Nara… explore the traditional Japan, Temples and Shrines. In comparison to Nara, Kyoto’s Temples and Shrines are far spread so that you have walk quite a lot and take a few trains. I recommend a 3 day trip for Kyoto at least. I tried to explore the most famous places in 1 day and didn’t make it… so I went there a second time.
Since I went to Kyoto after Nara I was a bit disappointed. The Temples are huge and well taken care of, BUT since everything is so far spread and in the middle of town I didn’t get the same feeling that existed in Nara. Don’t get me wrong, there are some real nice places in Kyoto, but … I don’t know, maybe it was the location in Nara that was nicer.

Well nevertheless I took loads of photos … But as a friend already told me beforehand, “if you have seen 1 or 2 Temples, you have seen all of them”. And I guess he was right. They really look pretty much the same. At least there were a few exceptions… 🙂

And here the pictures of the second day:

Pictures of Osaka and Tokyo will follow soon…

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I’m sorry for the delay… I’m quite busy at the moment with preparations for my departure and furthermore have to fight a cold (at least I hope it’s just one 😉 ).

Friday is my last day at ALPS and before that I will have to hold a presentation about the internship (what I learned, what I think… and so on). In Japanese of course…

Furthermore there are so many people here I have to say good bye to after work… I think I’ll be busy until next weekend.

Please wait a little more, I’ll upload the Matsushima Pictures asp. 🙂

Until then… さようなら

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pew,  long time no update. I was busy with lots of things during the last month so I didn’t find any time to sort and upload all the pictures I took. I myself am doing fine so far, but I feel sad that the day of my departure is getting closer and closer… well can’t be helped since I have to finish studying quickly and return to Japan for a longer period. Until then I might have to do some smaller vacations 🙂

the end of July and beginning of August were quite a busy time. Hanabi (Fireworks) in Furukawa, then the Summer Festival, Obon and finally Hanabi in Matsushima.

Of course I took loads of pictures, especially from the Hanabi-tournaments in Furukawa and Matsuhima so that it wasn’t easy actually decide on the best ones.
The pictures of Matsushima will have to wait a few more days, but let’s just start with the Hanabi Pictures of Furukawa.

Not the biggest Fireworks I’ve ever seen, but quite a few really nice movtives. The difference to other Fireworks i’ve seen until now that it is really conducted like a tournament, one after another and that you can see every single rocket. (This takes some time though. The Fireworks in Furukawa lasted about 1 1/2 hours)

After the Fireworks followed the Summer Festival in Furukawa (called Tanabata). There are loads of  Tanabata displays, stands where you can buy food or useless stuff, a or two stages where groups show their dances (from traditional Japanese to modern hip-hop-parapara) and loads of pretty girls wearing yukata.

Since the rainy season began pretty late and lasted until August I didn’t had the chance to take any sunset and night-view pictures, but at last here they are.

A collection of the finest Sunset pictures over Furukawa:

And here the Night-view:

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