pew,  long time no update. I was busy with lots of things during the last month so I didn’t find any time to sort and upload all the pictures I took. I myself am doing fine so far, but I feel sad that the day of my departure is getting closer and closer… well can’t be helped since I have to finish studying quickly and return to Japan for a longer period. Until then I might have to do some smaller vacations 🙂

the end of July and beginning of August were quite a busy time. Hanabi (Fireworks) in Furukawa, then the Summer Festival, Obon and finally Hanabi in Matsushima.

Of course I took loads of pictures, especially from the Hanabi-tournaments in Furukawa and Matsuhima so that it wasn’t easy actually decide on the best ones.
The pictures of Matsushima will have to wait a few more days, but let’s just start with the Hanabi Pictures of Furukawa.

Not the biggest Fireworks I’ve ever seen, but quite a few really nice movtives. The difference to other Fireworks i’ve seen until now that it is really conducted like a tournament, one after another and that you can see every single rocket. (This takes some time though. The Fireworks in Furukawa lasted about 1 1/2 hours)

After the Fireworks followed the Summer Festival in Furukawa (called Tanabata). There are loads of  Tanabata displays, stands where you can buy food or useless stuff, a or two stages where groups show their dances (from traditional Japanese to modern hip-hop-parapara) and loads of pretty girls wearing yukata.

Since the rainy season began pretty late and lasted until August I didn’t had the chance to take any sunset and night-view pictures, but at last here they are.

A collection of the finest Sunset pictures over Furukawa:

And here the Night-view:

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