My second day-trip went to Kyoto. Of course with the same goal as in Nara… explore the traditional Japan, Temples and Shrines. In comparison to Nara, Kyoto’s Temples and Shrines are far spread so that you have walk quite a lot and take a few trains. I recommend a 3 day trip for Kyoto at least. I tried to explore the most famous places in 1 day and didn’t make it… so I went there a second time.
Since I went to Kyoto after Nara I was a bit disappointed. The Temples are huge and well taken care of, BUT since everything is so far spread and in the middle of town I didn’t get the same feeling that existed in Nara. Don’t get me wrong, there are some real nice places in Kyoto, but … I don’t know, maybe it was the location in Nara that was nicer.

Well nevertheless I took loads of photos … But as a friend already told me beforehand, “if you have seen 1 or 2 Temples, you have seen all of them”. And I guess he was right. They really look pretty much the same. At least there were a few exceptions… 🙂

And here the pictures of the second day:

Pictures of Osaka and Tokyo will follow soon…

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I’m sorry for the delay… I’m quite busy at the moment with preparations for my departure and furthermore have to fight a cold (at least I hope it’s just one 😉 ).

Friday is my last day at ALPS and before that I will have to hold a presentation about the internship (what I learned, what I think… and so on). In Japanese of course…

Furthermore there are so many people here I have to say good bye to after work… I think I’ll be busy until next weekend.

Please wait a little more, I’ll upload the Matsushima Pictures asp. 🙂

Until then… さようなら

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Finally I had some time to sort all the pictures I took during the last 4 weeks. Sorry to made you wait.

Well taking pictures is one thing, but picking the best ones and preparing for publication on the website is something else 🙂

But, let’s just start with the oldest pictures I took with my mobile phone. In middle of April we went to Ishinomaki which is the city close to the seaside south from Furukawa. One of my mates (David) was mad enough to take a bath… I guess it was only 10 deg. back there 🙂 The beach wasn’t really clean, and David had a strange smell afterwards. Maybe this will be cleaned before the summer season starts, but to be honest, I don’t think anyone will bath there.

At the beginning of may is golden week in Japan. It’s called that way since there are about 4 holidays in a row (or nearly) plus the weekend, so many Japanese take off to more days and go on vacation or return to their hometowns. We rented a van and went to a beach side close to Mito and Iwaki. To be precise here. We just camped at the beach, had barbecue for 3 days and met 20 other gaijins in Mito on Saturday, that’s what golden week is all about 😀

Next are follwing the pictures I took during my bike trips. In order to get around a bit and do some sports during the weekend, I got myself a mountain bike and went to different directions every weekend.

I started with the south of Furukawa, aiming for the big mountains I can see from here and have still snow on their top. Sadly I had to realize that this is not possible in one day.

The next trip was for the west. I aimed for the mountain that sticked out because of its shape. When I got there I had to realize that this one is used for skiing during winter and there was no way to go up there 🙁 Well at least I found a German restaurant/coffee shop 🙂  (one way 25km)

The next one was a little shorter and went to the north. Nice roads, going up and down and very good for doing some sports, but the strangest view was an old amusement park that hasn’t been used in years. I think going there during night will give you the creeps. It’s definitely haunted! 😀

Last but not least I went to Naruko this weekend. Naruko is famous for it’s Onsens here in this region. I however tackled the mountain and went to Naruko Dam and then to the top of the mountain. Really nice region and great when you like cycling. Well I’m nearly dead now since I had to fight with strong wind and the road went up all the way to Naruko (not much but you could recognize it). The whole trip was about 80km and the way to Naruko took me about 3 1/2 hours because of the wind and the incline. Back to Furukawa only took me about 1 1/2h ^^.

That’s it for now! 🙂

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…somewhere in Japan… I read. Today I started counting the days until die company will suspend us from leaving home (of course going to work won’t fall under this one) and will have us wearing those stupid masks which are only good for hiding yourself. At least the influenza is the top topic every day and mentioned in every days meetings -_-


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Soooo, as promised finally some photos of  Furukawa. Furukawa is a really small town even though its spreading quite far.  About 30000 people life here, but its almost as big as a German town with 100000 people. Thats because they only build small houses here.

Anyone who wants to make their living in Japan should experience towns like this first. Thats what living in Japan is really like. Really quiet and nice to live, but also very quiet during the weekends, which is a bit annoying. 🙂

First some pictures I took out of the shinkansen while traveling from Tokyo to Furukawa.

And now some pictures of the dorm I’m living in. Only pictures from outside now since I still didn’t figure out how to store my stuff 😀

And now some pictures of the surroundings. More pictures will follow soon.

Ya mata de ne!

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