If you are interested in renting an apartment from Leo Palace you’ll probably check on availability, types and prices before you ringe up the Leo Palace stuff. Unfortunately there is no English version of the database available so you have to navigate through the Japanese menu in order to get the information. Here I would like to give you a short guide on how to get those information.

Additionally I can recommend the Firefox-Add-on Rikai-chan. This Add-on can translate Japanese on mouse over into many different languages. Very helpful for translating keywords which you’ll have to translate in order to get your desired information.

when you navigate to the Leo Palace website http://www.leopalace21.com you’ll probably already see the Japanese version. If not, change! 🙂

Leo Palace entry page

Leo Palace entry page

Using the map, marked with the red marker you can browse to your desired destination. First you have to select the region. For example Tohoku (green).

Next you have to choose the prefecture. For example Miyagi.

After selecting the prefecture you’ll have to choose the city/town:

As an example I choose Osaki-city. On the next page you’ll see the first apartments. The prices listed are those for 2 year contracts. What comes next is selecting desired conditions on the left ore directly browsing through the listed apartments. If you would like to see the monthly plans, you have to click on the button on the top right corner:

As you can see, the apartments got more expensive. This means you have to pay more, the shorter your contract binds you to Leo Palace. Still this are not the prices for monthly contracts, but for contracts less then 1 year. The listed price is what you have to pay for a 12 month contract (per month) . If you select one apartment you can choose the period you would like to stay and see what you overall expenses will be. Minimum rental period for this type of contract are 6 months. If you would like to stay for less than 6 month you’ll have to go for the monthly plan:

Now you see what an apartment will cost you on monthly basis with a contract length of 1 month. By selecting one apartment (clicking on the photo) you can get details about the apartment.

Marked with (1) is the address. (2) is the price for the apartment depending on the length of your stay. (3) … hm forgot to use the 3 *g*. (4) are pictures of the apartment and (5) is probably one of the most important information: Day on which the apartment will be free for rent.

In order to optimize your search, you can use the left sidebar:

(1) Here you can select the minimum and maximum fee. The other 3 options are not really necessary for a quick search so I leave them out.

(2) Quite important. Here you can select when you want to move into the apartment. Within the next 2 weeks, within the next month… up to within the next 6 months. Depending on your setting only apartments which are free within this period will be shown.

(3) LDK, living dining kitchen… I guess I don’t have to explain the use of this function. It’s also quite useless since most of the apartments are 1K as you can see.

(4) Minimum and maximum living space.

(5) Distance to the train station in minutes.

(6) Age of the apartment in years.

(7) only show apartments with pictures available. First option: Map available. Second option: Pictures from within the apartment available.

(8) First option: furniture and telephone available. Second option: without furniture and telephone.

(9) A few other options: 1. Second flor, 2. bath and toilet available, 3. Security service, 4. Internet available, 5. LEONET (pay per view and internet over television) available, 6. parking lot available.

(10) You can enter keywords here. Japanese only! 😉

This was a quick review. Please tell me if you find any mistakes so that I can correct them. Thanks!

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