This is a small introduction of Leo Palace.

Leo Palace is basically the most famous company that rents apartments across Japan. The big plus for these apartments is that they come with a basic furniture, television and internet. All included in the monthly rent. These type of apartments are usually used for shorter stays, but many companies rent rooms for their employees who frequently have to change places there. Since the apartments are quite small (~24 square meter) they are not really meant for longer stays, but my personal experience is that since they are quite practical, even longer stays are no problem.

Leo Palace is cheapest if you create a long term contract (12 months). Prices in rural areas start at about 50.000 yen and 70.000 in Tokyo. But those prices really depend on the season and vacancy. If you would like to create a shorter contract you have the choice to create a contract about a fixed period (it gets cheaper the longer you stay), or choose the monthly contract (31 days).  The later one is the most expensive of course.

If you would like to check on available apartments and prices you have to use the Japanese version of the Leo Palace homepage. There are also some usefull information available for English speaking people, but you can’t rent an apartment directly. I created a small manual, how to use the Japanese page so that you can try to get some information by yourself before ringing up the English speaking stuff.

One very important information beforehand: People from outside Japan without being registered in Japan cannot rent the apartments using the website. I don’t know if you can rent them via telephone, but in case you rent a apartment on monthly basis, you have to go to the Leo Palace office 10 days before you move in in order to confirm your reservation. I guess there are some special procedures for gaijins since Leo Palace also advertises to students and business people from outside Japan.

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