Japanese Rain Frog

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In Japan there is a frog that is so cute, it could be considered as a pet, although I wouldn’t recommend holding them inside your house. I am talking about the Japanese rain frog (or tree frog as Wikipedia says, but the real translation is rain-frog). They mainly live in the rice paddies but also move around in close or sometimes further proximity (up to 500m) to the rice paddy they where born in when in when it rains. Rain makes it easier for them to move since they depend quite a bit on sufficient water supply. I once saw a frog moving on dry pavement and it was like his belly was sticking to the ground. So I guess they have trouble moving when it is not wet enough.

This is considered to be a safe enough place :)

Starting in April/Mai here in the northern Region they come out of their hideout in the earth in which they hibernate during winter and start a concert in the rice paddies every night until late June. After that it gets a big quiter and just like if they become tired from all that matchmaking they move out of the rice paddies to close by hide-outs and dinner places. During day they are very inactive and relaxing somewhere in trees, on flowers, or in other spaces that are considered safe enough.In the early evening, just when it starts to get dark they get active and start hunting down all those annoying mosquitoes and fly’s and other insects. We usually switch on the light outside so that we can watch them in the evening. I don’t know if you can share my opinion but I think they are very quite. Especially when they are in relaxing-mode.

This is a better hide out in my opinion

They can be considered non-poisonous but you should wash your hand after touching them since they have a low dose poison on their skin (to ….. insects) that can cause stomach ache or allergic reactions. Apart from that they are completely harmless animals.

They can change their color depending on the ground they are trying to hide on, but as you can imagine green is their favorite. After that comes camouflage earth-like color and brown. Some of them even try to become silver, but apparently fail to do so. A light grey was the best one could do, oh man he didn’t look health with that color 🙂

アマガエルcan life up to 6 years which means that you can see many home-coming frogs every year. Some have a certain look or size that you can recognize when seeing them again. There was also once a frog that when on a drive with me in my car.

Changing color depending on surface

Changing color depending on surface

Well I accidentally drove with him to work since he was sitting on my car, but then he patiently waited until evening so I put him in my car and drove him back. Funny though was the place he was sitting in the end. Just right next to the windows, looking outside. After that I might say that he was keen on riding again… there was usually one frog sitting on my car in the morning which I had to move. That said, these frogs are not really intelligent, so it might just have been a coincident.

Anyway, those frogs are so sweet that I will be very sad when I will leave Japan again. There are similar type of frogs in Europe, but they are just not so interesting 🙂

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