After my internship in Japan I went on a small vacation to the Kanto Region. As I was going to visit Kyoto and Nara I choose Osaka for my place to stay. Compared to Kyoto and Nara the accommodation is relatively cheap and you can reach all famous spots within one hour by train. So it’s quite optimal, and as a bonus you can enjoy the night live of Osaka as well! See my report about Osaka for hints and tips on hotels and places to visit!


In comparison to Nara, you really should make up a plan before going to Kyoto. I didn’t and regretted it afterwards. The reason is simple. In comparison to Nara the temples and shrines in Kyoto aren’t located in one place, and it will take one perfectly planned day in order to reach all the famous places in Kyoto. I started off on food but soon had to notice that using trains and buses is utterly necessary 🙂 So I spend half the day walking through Kyoto.

There are 3 different bus-lines that exist just in order to bring tourists to the famous spots. So if you plan on going to Kyoto check on these lines! You cannot reach every single place with just one-line so you have to create a plan in order to do a round trip.

Must-visit places are the Golden Temple (Kinkaku-ji), Kyomizu-tera and the Hongan-ji. Of course there are many other places to see in Kyoto. I only speak for myself, because this where the places that impressed me most during my visit.


As I said, I set off on foot. Eastward, ending up at the entrance of a woman-only university. Camera shouldered… how embarrassing 🙂 (guess why 😉 ). I quickly went futher north and finally reached the Otani-Honbyo which was more or less under construction that time.


Since there wasn’t much to see at the Otani-Honbyo because of the construction work, I set off to the Kiyomizu temple which is located east of the Otani-Honbyo. If you take the road close to the Otani-Honbyo, you will end up on a path through a grave yard. Nonetheless this path will lead you to the Kiyomizu temple and the grave yard is amazing for itself! In my opinion the Kiyomizu temple is the pritiest location of them all in Kyoto. At a nice summer day with clear blue sky the white and red colors are a perfect match.  This is also the best location to watch the sunset in Kyoto. When the sun sets you can catch parts of the temple and the Kyoto skyline in one picture. Unfortunately due to my wrong planning I didn’t make it back here until sunset… 🙁

I didn’t enter the actual main building with its famous veranda that is supported by tall pillars. It is said that from there you have a great view over Kyoto.  There is an entry fee you have to pay, but this didn’t actually hold me back… I was planning on coming back here at about 6pm to watch the sun set…

Kinkaku-ji (Golden temple)

I set off to the next must see place, the golden temple Kinkaku-ji. It is located more or less at the other end of the city. Unaware of the tourist buses I set off on foot again and made my way back to Kyoto station. From there I took the JR train 陰本線・亀岡行north to Hanazono and from there walked again until I reached the Riyouan-ji temple with its famous Zen-garden. Since it was already to late to enter one the stuff members kindly told me how to get to the golden temple. So I set off on, no by bus and finally reached the golden temple. I can’t imagine, me visiting Kyoto, but missing out the worlds most famous temple, but it was a close call 🙂 You have to enter the golden temple before 5pm and you need about 30 minutes to slowly walk around the pond, take some pictures and buy some good-luck-charms 😉



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