After about 10 years absence I finally got to see Denmark again. Until I was 16 years old I went on vacation to Denmark with my parents every year, sometimes twice a year 🙂

What’s so special about Denmark? Well it’s not that there is much to see for the typical traveler in Denmark. There are some sightseeing locations and small museums in nearly every town and of course Denmark has its own culture which roots can be seen everywhere. What counts more is the whole impression you get when you stay in your own “feriehus” (holiday home) either close to the coast or a nature reserve. If you are going on holiday to Denmark you are looking for a holiday in order to relax, lay back and enjoy the Scandinavian charm.


Denmark Holiday HomeThe most common accommodation is to rent your own holiday home. Price starts at about 200€ for one week off season, and the same one about 400€ on season (see timetable below). Of course there are no price limits set. You can also get a holiday home that has its own swimming pool, jersey, sauna and has modern interior. You can also get houses for about 12 or more people. So you can go on vacation with your whole family and friends. If you don’t want to stay in the same place for a longer period, there is also the possibility to rent an apartment or stay in hotels. But as said before, for the real Denmark-feeling you should go for a holiday home.

How to travel

I highly recommend going to Denmark by car. If you don’t live in Europe, rent one J No really, public transports exists in Denmark, but only if you want to travel between major cities. It will be nearly impossible to reach your holiday home without a car, since the holiday homes are usually located a bit off the beaten track 😉


If you go for the holiday home you’ll probably also want to cook your own meals. In order to do so you’ll have to find a supermarket that has affordable food for non Scandinavians J Since the income in Denmark is pretty high, the price tags for food and daily necessities are also quite high. Luckily apart from the Danish supermarkets, there is also “Aldi” and “Netto” in Denmark. You won’t find many brands in these supermarkets, but you’ll find good quality for an affordable price. That’s why I highly recommend looking for these.
If you’ll find your way into one of the Danish supermarkets like SuperBest or Bruksen, you’ll understand what I mean. I guess you’ll one go there if you need certain brands and fresh vegetables or meat.
Usually each holiday home location has its own “Købmand” (merchant) who sells everything you need. Of course, being close to the holiday homes, everything is much more expensive, but it’s usually open every day and you’ll get your fresh bread here every morning. (If you want to pay the Danish price for bread that is. A normal “German” bread costs about 0,70 – 0,90€, compared to 0,30 – 0,45€ in Germany)
Of course there are also many restaurants in Denmark where you can enjoy nearly all kinds of food. Usually you might want to have fresh fish when you go to Denmark, but for example there are also many Thai Restaurants you can pay a visit.


If you like lighthouses, Denmark is your country. There are many lighthouses spread over the whole coastline. Even though they aren’t needed anymore, most of them are still in operation and an eye catch.
Another famous spot is Skagen. This is where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea and also where the biggest wandering dune of Europe is located. The Råbjerg Mile travles about 15 meters eastward each year and has recently urged the Danish parliament to create a new nature reserve since the dune had left the old one founded in 1961. To be continued…

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